Our goal is simple - to let you find the best holiday deals !

Sometimes you need to go on holiday at short notice.

Other times you have plenty of time, so you can go abroad when the good offer is there.

Whether you are waiting for the good offer or just need to go now and here, Last Minute Charter is the place where you will find your next holiday. Here you can find great holidays at the right price.

We have endeavored to make it simple - because we know why you are here - to find the best holiday offer.

At Last Minute Charter you can easily search for last minute charter trips from, among other things, departure date, length of journey, country, place, hotel, travel company and whether you want a plane ticket, an unspecified hotel, specified hotel or perhaps an all-inclusive stay.

We have trips from almost all providers of package tours - gathered in one place!

At Last Minute Charter, most trips are covered by a package travel guarantee. Then you are financially protected if your trip should be canceled by the tour operator.

We support most technical platforms so you can use us from your browser on PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone.

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We hope you will find what you are looking for and most importantly - have a really good holiday.

We wish you a great holiday at the right price !

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