Last Minute Charter publishes ads from a number of internet ad agencies. We partner with TradeDoubler, Adsense, Digital Advisor, Daisycon, Trade Tracker, Adservice, Awin, CJ and many more.

If you have an existing affiliate program, either directly or through agencies, we'd be more than happy to join - send us an email at sales (at) lastminutecharter (dot) eu. and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

It is possible to advertise directly on

Advertising may be exclusive per ad unit per market and in combination with twitter / facebook campaigns. Payment can be based on the DPF supported methods.

You can also become a sponsor. We have general sponsorships and specific sponsorships for landing pages within categories, destinations, travel companies and our electronic newsletters and offer mail. Contact us at sales (at) lastminutecharter (dot) eu for more information.

Contact sales (at) lastminutecharter (dot) eu. to get our media kit and explore your options.

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